Acid Black ATT

acid black att

Acid Black ATT

1. Solubility: Acid Black ATT has good solubility in water, making it easy to use and operate in water-based dyeing processes.
2. PH Range: The optimal dyeing effect of Acid Black ATT is usually achieved under acidic conditions, with a suitable pH range between 2 and 5.



Moisture (%)


Insolubles (%)







Rubbing Dry





25KG P.W. Bag / Iron Drum


1.Mainly used for dyeing on wool, silk and nylon            2.Also be used for dyeing of leather and wood

Acid Black ATT Application

Acid Black ATT is primarily used for dyeing fibers (such as wool, silk, etc.), leather, paper, and even tree bark. As it is an acid dye, it requires an acidic dyeing process during application.

acid black att

Acid dyes on leather

1. Vivid Color: Acid dyes can produce bright and vibrant colors, offering a wide range of color choices, from bright to deep shades.
2. Suitable for Natural Fibers: Acid dyes are particularly suitable for dyeing natural fibers like leather and silk. They chemically react with the amino acids in these fibers, resulting in long-lasting dyeing effects.
3. Good Affinity: Acid dyes exhibit good affinity for leather, resulting in even dyeing and avoiding color deviation.
4. Lightfastness: Dyeing leather with acid dyes typically results in good lightfastness, meaning the color is resistant to fading or discoloration, even when exposed to sunlight.
5. Water Resistance: Acid dyes generally possess a certain degree of water resistance, making the dyed leather more resistant to water.


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