Acid Ink Blue G Acid Blue 93 for Inks

acid ink blue g

Acid Ink Blue G

Product NameAcid Ink Blue G

Other Name:C.I. 42780; C.I. Acid Blue 93

Cas No.:28983-56-4

Einecs No.:249-352-9



Physicochemical property : Acid Ink Blue G is shiny red and brown powder. Acid Ink Blue G easily soluble in cold and hot water. Soluble in alcohol is a greenish blue color.When concentrated sulfuric acid is reddish brown, it is diluted to blue-purple.

Acid Ink Blue G Application

Application of Acid Ink Blue G: Ink Manufacturing: Primarily Acid ink blue G used for manufacturing pure blue and blue-black inks. Other Applications: Acid ink blue G finds application in preparing lakes, blue printing ink, dyeing thick silk, cotton, and leather. Additionally, it is used in biological coloring and as an indicator.

Acid Dyes on Inks

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