Basic Green 4

Basic Green 4

Basic Green 4 is a basic dye also known as Malachite Green Crystal. It is a type of basic dye and is mainly used for dyeing paper and textiles. Basic green 4 is a synthetic dye whose physicochemical properties include physical and chemical properties.

1. Physical properties:

Appearance: Basic Green 4 usually appears as a green powder or crystalline substance.

Solubility: Has a certain solubility in water, usually more soluble under alkaline conditions.

2. Chemical properties:

Reactivity: Basic Green 4 generally exhibits dependence on alkaline conditions and may therefore exhibit different chemical properties under acidic and neutral conditions.

Dyeing performance: It has excellent dyeing performance, especially under alkaline conditions, and has wider applicability.


Product Name Basic Green 4
C.I.NO. Basic Green 4
Feature Green Crystal
Light 2
Washing 3
Rubbing  Dry 4
Wet 3~4
25KG P.W. Bag / Iron Drum
1.Mainly used for dyeing on paper   2.Also be used for dyeing of acrylic fibers


Basic Green 4 Application

Basic Green 4 has a wide range of applications, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Paper dyeing: Basic Green 4 is commonly used for dyeing paper, and is known for its bright color, high durability, and high dye output.
2. Textile dyeing: As a basic dye, Basic Green 4 can be used to dye and print a variety of fibers, including cotton, linen, silk and synthetic fibers. It produces a bright purple color and has good lightfastness and washability.
3. Leather dyeing: Basic Green 4 can be used to dye leather, bringing a rich purple effect to leather products.
4. Coloring of ink paints and inks: Basic Green 4 can be used as a colorant in ink paints and inks, providing these coatings with a vibrant purple color.
5. Marking and Dyeing: Basic Green 4 is commonly used in industrial or agricultural applications for marking and dyeing processes, such as tracking and marking products in manufacturing.




Basic dyes on paper

1. Vivid Color: Basic dyes can produce bright and vibrant colors, offering a wide range of color choices, from bright to deep shades.
2. Suitable for Paper and Wood: Basic dyes are particularly suitable for dyeing paper and fibers. It also has the high dyeing rate more than other dyes.




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