Basic Violet 10

Basic Violet 10

Basic Violet 10 is a basic dye also known as Rhodamine B. It is a type of basic dye and is mainly used for dyeing paper and textiles.

Basic Violet 10 can dye a bright violet color and is a strong basic dye. It can be used on a variety of fibers, including cotton, linen, silk and synthetic fibers. Basic Violet 10 has high light resistance and wash resistance during textile dyeing, which can maintain the brightness and stability of the color.

In addition to textile dyeing, Basic Violet 10 can also be used for paper dyeing and ink coloring, and marking and dyeing in a variety of industrial applications.


Product Name Basic Violet 10

Basic Violet 10


Green Powder






Rubbing  Dry





25KG P.W. Bag / Iron Drum


1.Mainly used for dyeing on paper2.Also be used for dyeing of acrylic fibers


Basic Violet 10 Application

Basic Violet 10 has a wide range of applications, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Paper dyeing:Basic Violet 10 is commonly used for dyeing paper, and is known for its bright color, high durability, and high dye output.
2. Textile dyeing: As a basic dye, Basic Violet 10 can be used to dye and print a variety of fibers, including cotton, linen, silk and synthetic fibers. It produces a bright purple color and has good lightfastness and washability.
3. Leather dyeing: Basic Violet 10 can be used to dye leather, bringing a rich purple effect to leather products.
4. Coloring of ink paints and inks: Basic Violet 10 can be used as a colorant in ink paints and inks, providing these coatings with a vibrant purple color.
5. Marking and Dyeing: Basic Violet 10 is commonly used in industrial or agricultural applications for marking and dyeing processes, such as tracking and marking products in manufacturing.




Basic dyes on paper

1. Vivid Color: Basic dyes can produce bright and vibrant colors, offering a wide range of color choices, from bright to deep shades.
2. Suitable for Paper: Basic dyes are particularly suitable for dyeing paper and fibers. It also has the high dyeing rate more than other dyes.




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