Chrome Yellow

Appearance Yellow Powder
Chemical Class PbCrO4
Colour Index No. Pigment Yellow 34 (77600)
CAS No. 1344-37-2
Usage Paint, Coating, Plastic, Ink.
Color Values and Tinting Strength
   Min.  Max.
Color Shade  Familar  Small
△E*ab    1.0
Relative Tinting Strength [%]  95  105
Technical Data
  Min. Max.
Water-soluble Content [%]    1.0
Sieve Residue (0.045mm sieve) [%]    1.0
pH Value  6.0  9.0
Oil Absorption [g/100g]    22
Moisture Content (after production) [%]    1.0
Heat Resistance [℃]  ~               150
Light Resistance [Grade]  ~               4~5
Whether Resistance [Grade]  ~                4
25kg/bag, Wooden Plallet
Transport and storage
Protect against weathering. Store in ventilated and dry place, avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature.Close bags after use to prevent the absorption of moisture and contamination.
The product is not classified as dangerous under the relevant EC directives and corresponding national regulatons valid in the individual EU member states. It is not dangerous according to transport regulations.

In countries ourside the EU, compliance with the respective national legislation concerning the classification, packaging, labelling and transport dangerous substances must be ensured.