Chrysophenine GX Direct Yellow 12

【Chrysophenine GX Properties】

Chrysophenine GX is also called  Direct Brilliant Yellow 4R. Appearance: dark yellow even powder. It is yellow to golden yellow when dissolved in water, and its solubility is 30g/L. The 2% dye aqueous solution becomes jelly when the temperature is lower than 15°C.Slightly soluble in alcohol, greenish yellow in color, slightly soluble in fibrinolyticin and acetone. It appears reddish purple in concentrated sulfuric acid, and will precipitate from purple to reddish blue after dilution. When the aqueous solution is added with concentrated sulfuric acid, a dark purple precipitate forms; when concentrated sodium hydroxide is added, a golden-orange precipitate appears; when exposed to 10% sodium hydroxide solution, the color changes slightly.

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