Optical Brightener CBS-X

Optical Brightener CBS-X

Optical Brightener CBS-X is one item of Tianjin Leading’s optical brightener. The application of Optical Brightener CBS-X is mainly to improve the appearance quality of products and make them look whiter and brighter. In the coating industry, Optical Brightener can be added to coatings, like water based pigment paste, to improve the whiteness and brightness. Its main properties include:

1.Fluorescence: Fluorescent whitening agents can emit blue or purple fluorescence after being irradiated by ultraviolet light, thus covering up the yellow components on the surface of clothing and other objects, making the objects look whiter and brighter.
2.Thermal stability: Optical brighteners need to have certain thermal stability to maintain their whitening effect during the heating process, such as stabilizing during washing or bleaching.
3.Light stability: Fluorescent whitening agents also need to have a certain degree of light stability to maintain their whitening effect without losing effect under daily sunlight or artificial light.
4.Solubility: Optical brighteners are generally soluble in water or organic solvents, thereby facilitating application in textile preparation processes.

These properties make fluorescent whitening agents widely used in textile, papermaking, washing and other industries to whiten and brighten the surface of products.

Product Name Optical Brightener CBS-X

Optical Brightener CBS-X


Yellow Green Powder



25KG P.W. / Carton Box


Mainly used for Detergent Powder, Soap,Wool and Silk.

Optical Brightener CBS-X Type

Optical Brightener CBS-X’s types differ from E value. For instance, regular E value for Optical Brightener CBS-X are 1108, 1120. The other E values can be customized according to customers’ requirement.