Sodium Humate

Product Detail

natural organic fertilizer ,extracted from high quality leonardite


Sodium Humate:Black granular or powder, soluble in water, alkaline, has the functions of ion exchange, adsorption, complication, flocculation, decentralization and adhesive bonding.

Application :

 Remarkable effect used as seed dressing, seed soaking , root dipping in 0.001%-0.05%

concentration; used as basal fertilizer and top dressing in 0.05-0.1% concentration, with N P fertilizers.

<Animal> Add 0.1-0.5% sodium humate concentration in feed stuff for livestock and fowls.

< Boiler antiscaling> Add in combination with Na2CO3.

< Ceramic>  Dispersing agent and deflocculation agent.

Solubility 70%min. 85%min. 90%min. 95%min
humic acid (dry basis)  30%min. 50%min. 60%min. 65%min
PH value 8-10 9-11 9-11 9-11
Appearance Powder Powder/Crystal/Granular/Flake