Vat Brown 1

Vat Brown 1

Vat Brown 1 is a specific type of vat dye used for coloring textiles and other materials. Here are some key characteristics of Vat Brown 1:

1.Color: Vat Brown 1 is a brown-colored dye. It imparts a rich and vibrant violet hue to the fabric it is used on.

2.Excellent color fastness: Vat dyes, including Vat Brown 1, are known for their excellent color fastness properties. They are resistant to fading even after exposure to sunlight and washing, ensuring the color stays vivid for a long time.

3.Good resistance to chemicals and bleach: Vat Brown 1 has good resistance to various chemicals and bleach, making it suitable for applications where color durability is important.

4.Suitable for natural and synthetic fibers: Vat Brown 1 can be used to dye both natural fibers like cotton, silk, and linen, as well as synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon.

5.Requires a reducing agent: Vat dyes like Vat Brown 1 need a reducing agent, such as sodium hydrosulfite, to convert the dye into a soluble and colorless form. This reduction process allows the dye to penetrate the fabric and develop its color.

Product Name Vat Brown 1

Vat Brown 1


Black Powder






Rubbing  Dry





25KG P.W. Bag / Carton Box


Mainly used for dyeing on textile.

Vat Brown 1 Application

Vat Brown 1 is an organic synthetic dye, also known as Vat Brown BR. It is a strong vat dye with a brown color and is commonly used for fiber dyeing and textile printing. The main uses of Vat Brown 1 include:

1.Textile dyeing: Vat Brown 1 can be used to dye various fibers, such as cotton, linen, silk and synthetic fibers. It can produce dark brown or coffee-colored effects, with very good color fastness and lightfastness.

2.Nitrocellulose dyeing: Vat Brown 1 is also commonly used for dyeing nitrocellulose, such as cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate. It dyes these fibers a long-lasting brown color.

3.Textile printing: Vat Brown 1 can be used in the printing process of textiles to achieve effects with certain colors and patterns.


Vat dyes on Textile

1. Bright Color: Vat Brown 1 is a brown dye that can bring a bright brown color to textiles.

2. Highly Reducing Properties: Vat Brown 1 has strong reducing properties and can chemically react with fibers under neutral or acidic conditions to form colored reduction products combined with fibers.

3. Good Light Fastness and Wash Fastness: Vat Brown 1 dye has good light fastness and wash fastness, and the dyed textiles can maintain bright colors.

4. Good Dyeing effect: Vat Brown 1 dye can show uniform and full dyeing effect on the fiber, and has high dyeing degree and color fastness.

5. Can be combined with a variety of fiber materials: Vat Brown 1 dye can be combined with cotton and cellulose fiber.



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