Vat Olive T

Vat Olive T

Vat Olive T is an organic dye, also known as Vat Black 25. The following are some properties of Vat Olive T:

1. Appearance: Vat Olive T is a black powdery substance.
2. Solubility: It is insoluble in water.
3. Dyeing performance: Vat Olive T has good affinity in fiber dyeing, especially for cotton fiber. It can fix dyes on fibers through ion exchange and electrostatic interaction.
4. Chemical stability: Vat Olive T has good chemical stability under conventional dyeing conditions and is not easy to decompose or fade.
5. Color fastness: Fibers dyed with Vat Olive T usually have good color fastness and durability, can resist the effects of water and light, and are not easy to fade.

Overall, Vat Violet T is a dye widely used in fiber dyeing with good dyeing performance and color fastness.

Product Name

Vat Olive T


Vat Black 25


Black Powder






Rubbing  Dry





25KG P.W. Bag / Carton Box


Mainly used for dyeing on textile.

Vat Olive T Application

Vat Olive T is a commonly used vat dye that is widely used in textile, leather, paper and other industries. The following are several common application areas of Vat Olive T:

1. Textile dyeing: Vat Olive T can react with affinity groups in fiber materials to achieve dyeing of textiles. It is often used for dyeing cotton, silk, vinylon, nylon and other fiber materials, with good dyeing effect and color fastness.
2. Leather dyeing: Vat Olive T can be used to dye leather, forming a stable dyeing layer on the leather surface, making the leather more beautiful and durable.
3. Paper dyeing: Vat Olive T can be used as a dye for paper, and can be used to produce colored paper, packaging paper, etc. It penetrates evenly into the fibers of the paper, creating rich colors.

In summary, Vat Olive T is mainly used in the dyeing process of the textile, leather and paper industries, and can achieve good dyeing effects and high color fastness.


Vat dyes on Textile

1. Bright Color: Vat Olive T is a black type dye that can bring a bright grey color to textiles.

2. Highly Reducing Properties: Vat Olive T has strong reducing properties and can chemically react with fibers under neutral or acidic conditions to form colored reduction products combined with fibers.

3. Good Light Fastness and Wash Fastness: Vat Olive T has good light fastness and wash fastness, and the dyed textiles can maintain bright colors.

4. Good Dyeing effect: Vat Olive T can show uniform and full dyeing effect on the fiber, and has high dyeing degree and color fastness.

5. Can be combined with a variety of fiber materials: Vat Olive T can be combined with cotton and cellulose fiber.



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