Vat Red 13

Vat Red 13

Vat Red 13 is a synthetic organic pigment that belongs to the Vat Dye Group. It is commonly used in the textile industry for dyeing cotton, wool, and other natural fibers. Vat Red 13 is known for its excellent light and wash fastness properties, making it suitable for applications where color durability is important.

As a Vat dye, Vat Red 13 is typically used in a vat dyeing process, which involves reducing the dye to a soluble form, followed by oxidizing it to an insoluble form within the fiber. This process allows for good penetration and color fastness.

Vat Red 13 produces a red color and can be used to achieve a range of red shades depending on the concentration and application method. It is commonly used in the production of vibrant red textiles and can be combined with other dyes to create custom colors.

Overall, Vat Red 13 is a dye widely used in fiber dyeing with good dyeing performance and color fastness.

Product Name

Vat Red 13


Vat Red 13


Black Powder






Rubbing  Dry





25KG P.W. Bag / Carton Box


Mainly used for dyeing on textile.


Vat dyes on Textile

1. Bright Color: Vat Red 13 is a red type dye that can bring a bright red color to textiles.

2. Highly Reducing Properties: Vat Red 13 has strong reducing properties and can chemically react with fibers under neutral or acidic conditions to form colored reduction products combined with fibers.

3. Good Light Fastness and Wash Fastness: Vat Red 13 has good light fastness and wash fastness, and the dyed textiles can maintain bright colors.

4. Good Dyeing effect: Vat Red 13 can show uniform and full dyeing effect on the fiber, and has high dyeing degree and color fastness.

5. Can be combined with a variety of fiber materials: Vat Red 13 can be combined with cotton and cellulose fiber.



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